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Shelley Kyle Tiramani French Milled Soap 150g

I've been looking for good soap for a long time and expect to be using this exclusively from now on!

Margaret Boucher 117
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Perfume 30ml

My wedding day was April 2 and I wanted a light fragrance that was not overpowering as I would be very close to lots of people. I KNEW this was the best choice for my big day. I am usually allergic to perfumebut have used this one for a while now and it is wonderful!

Regina Culver 96
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Complete Gift Set

It is quite unique and not sold everywhere so people tend to notice it and comment how nice it is.

Sophia Flores 125
Tiramani Crystal Candle 510g

Love these candles!!! They were just what I was looking for, They illuminate wonderfully! Beautiful design!!! Recommend!

Olivia Tilde 223
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Royal Body Cream 300ml

I've battled severe acne since a teen, and after trying an ungodly amount of skin care products to correct this, finally I used Tiramani Royal cream.The simplicity and efficacy of this cream was remarkable, having tried all sorts of combinations of cleansers, toners, serums, etc that well exceeded a hundred dollars a month.

Josell bertran 112
Shelley Kyle Sorella Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

Makes the skin feel amaaaaaazing!!! It seriously does. My husband uses it before shave too just to sloth off any dead skin for a better shave. Smells fantastic.

Jade Asher 911
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 326g

The powder smells as beautiful as the perfume. Great purchase.

Lisa Edwards 153
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

This body scrub is perfect, I will definitely be purchasing again!

Claudine Alvin 70
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Double Soap Pack

Outstanding soap. I bought this for my daughter as a stocking stuffer. It came in a box with several other items, and I could smell it immediately; everything else in the box smelled great. It is large and very nice.

Katty 190
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Perfume 30ml

I love this product.

Rosalinda Vallejo 93
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