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    Tiramani Crystal Candle 510g

    They are lovely. I lit them with electric flickering lights and they look beautiful

    Chloe Diaz 221
    Tiramani Crystal Candle 510g

    The very BEST!! Rave reveiws from guests everytime they come in my home.

    Ethan Ronald 225
    Shelley Kyle Tiramani Perfume 30ml

    i'm so happy that i can take my Tiramani with me anywhere! I'm a flight attendant so Tiramani goes all over the world with me. I have folks all the time tell me I smell wonderful and beautiful :] thanks Shelley Kyle!

    scarlett kirby 97
    Shelley Kyle Tiramani Body and Linen Powder Talc Free Gift Set with Large Puff and Crystal Dish

    This is the first review I've written, but I like Linen Powder for the special occasions.

    Ethan Ronald 217
    Shelley Kyle Tiramani Shimmer Powder Talc Free Gift Box Set 100G/4oz

    I have a friend who only wears the expensive stuff and she gave it a try and loved it! I would like to mention that the case closes firmly so there is no chance of an accidental spill.

    Alex William 89
    Shelley Kyle Tiramani Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 575g

    I have enjoyed your delicate and feminine Tiramani body powder for years! It was a gift to me and now my son is giving the powder to his wife for her birthday. Their daughter, my granddaughter, relishes the sprinkles of Tiramani after her baths when she visits me! It's a scent for all.generations.

    Leesa Bolling 144
    Shelley Kyle Tiramani French Milled Soap 150g

    Product arrived in timely fashion. I could smell it as I unwrapped the package!

    Pal H. 119
    Shelley Kyle Tiramani Royal Body Cream 300ml

    The marigold is what will win you over in this one. Reminds me of the best smelling wedding bouquet or floral table arrangement that you just keep going back to for one more whiff.

    Allison Carter 107
    Shelley Kyle Tiramani Royal Body Cream 300ml

    Just got it and its going to be a great gift from santa !!

    Kavina Robert 113
    Shelley Kyle Tiramani Foaming Bath Gel 250ml

    Love this product!

    Bonnie Nogin 175
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