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Lorelei is the newest fragrance from the Shelley Kyle line and one to fall for immediately! Lorelei has a feminine flair for the unique. A beautiful combination of spice and floral, the Lorelei woman will feel at once modern and seductive. Lorelei opens with scintillating notes of bergamot, Sicilian lemon, contrasted with spicy cardamom, salty sea notes, and cool mint, only to finish with fresh green notes, smooth white amber, oak moss and warm musk.
The subtle beauty of dance comes alive in the fresh notes of Ballerine. From the moment she ties on her shoes to her last spin on the dance floor, the dancer awakens her heart to music, her mind to the moment and her soul to her inner passion. Like the allegro dance of a ballerina, our scent starts your day with grace and serenity to beckon the day ahead. Gentle Rose offers calming serenity along with the earthy green sweetness of Lily of the Valley. Dewey Jasmine offers feminine luxury with the rich sensuality of Sea Blue Amber.
The signature fragrance that started it all, Shelley Kyle is a light, crisp scent that carries you throughout your day. With a breath of fresh air, she awakens to the possibilities of the day ahead. With the heart of a child and the mind of a master, Shelly Kyle knows that nothing can dampen her spirits or cloud her path. Notes of crisp and vibrant lemon zest combine with sweet freesia and mellow violet leaves to make you comfortable and confident in any room.
A portrait of a strong southern mother comes into focus when you discover this contrasting scent. With an independent spirit she warms the room with beauty and grace and the perfect balance of delicate and commanding.
Like a tribal dancer, the Tiramani girl whirls and whips around the room to the beat of her own drum. Sweet, sharp, and saucy, she loves nature and all the fresh floral scents in her world. With the citrusy tang of blood orange and white nectarine, smooth blooms of lily, night jasmine and calming cashmere musk, this scent will wake your senses while calming down to a pleasant finish. Glorious on the skin and appeals to both young and the young at heart.
As women, we’re all sisters. For those that grew up with a sister, you know the bond that ties- for better or worse! With Sorella, the senses open from a time when young discoveries were made together. Soft and at the same time strong, the Sorella sister is always graceful and giving. A highly floral scent with notes of fresh tuberose, gardenia, red rose and crushed violet leaves feels feminine and in control.
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