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The mother that cares for us. She takes her time to ensure that all is right in her world without ever neglecting herself. The De Ma Mare woman knows that her value is high and she brings it out in her caring for those around her. With warm amber, linden blossom, acacia and beeswax, this fresh scent starts your day by waking up the senses and gradually warms as the day goes on.
Fresh and Inspiring A floral French Lavender with the presence of Herbal notes and Balsamic undertones. Perfectly delightful.
Like a gentleman caller, McClendon beckons to greet you like the bright sunshine sparkling off springtime’s dew. His young spirit is gallant and fresh and delights male and female senses. Experience Shelley Kyle’s first unisex fragrance, McClendon, and be warmed by the slightly spicy, vibrant notes. With essence of grapefruit, bergamot, key lime, black currant, cut grass, mandarin leaf and dew fresh basil, this scent is remarkable any time of day. Also delicious as a neutral home fragrance to brighten a kitchen, bath, or any room that needs a touch of lightness.
Demure and FeminineTop notes of Black Rose, Raspberry Leaf, Litchi, Osmanthus, Saffron and Black Pepper mingle with middle notes of Papyrus, Orchid, Bulgarian Rose, Geranium, Cypriol Oil; all resting on a warm base of Egyptian Agarwood (Oud), Sandalwood, Soft Musk, Madagascar Vanilla and Cedar Bark.
Modern and seductive; A beautiful combination of spice and floral. Lorelei opens with scintillating notes of bergamot, Sicilian lemon, contrasted with spicy cardamom, salty sea notes, and cool mint, only to finish with fresh green notes, smooth white amber, oak moss and warm musk.
Subtle and fresh, our scent starts your day with grace and serenity. Gentle Rose offers calming peace along with the earthy green sweetness of Lily of the Valley. While the feminity of Dewey Jasmine combines beautifully with the rich sensuality of Sea Blue Amber.
The signature fragrance that started it all, Shelley Kyle is a light, crisp scent that carries you throughout your day. With a breath of fresh air, awaken to the possibilities of the day ahead. Notes of crisp and vibrant lemon zest combine with sweet freesia and mellow violet leaves to make you comfortable and confident in any room.
A contrasting scent with an independent spiritThe perfect balance of delicate and commanding warmth with beauty and grace.
Sweet and sharp with the citrusy tang of blood orange and white nectarine, smooth blooms of lily, night jasmine and calming cashmere musk, this scent will wake your senses while calming down to a pleasant finish. Glorious on the skin and appeals to both young and the young at heart.
Feminine and in control; Soft and at the same time strong. Sorella is a highly floral scent with notes of fresh tuberose, gardenia, red rose and crushed violet leaves.
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