What Our Customers Say
Shelley Kyle McClendon Royal Body Cream 300ml

This moisturizer is very comfortable to wear, doesn't sting at all and has even seemed to make my skin less red.

Melly R. Haddad 850
Shelley Kyle Sorella Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

I love this scrub! It's a spacious container so you get a good amount of product, and it's for sure one of my favorite...

Nicole Kaleb 914
Shelley Kyle Signature Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 326g

The fragrance of 'Shelley Kyle Signature Linen' really does take you far away... :) Unlike other powders I've tried so far.

Mic Dion 736
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Royal Body Cream 300ml

I am so in love w/ my new found fragrance.

AnnTruex 110
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

Using this scrub really makes my sking feel good. After using I apply lotion and my skin is in great shape.

Mariah Bryson 66
Shelley Kyle McClendon Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

I absolutely love how soft my skin feels after using this scrub. Also, it smells amaaaazing :) It's a great size too.

Alexandra Dominic 757
Shelley Kyle Annabelle Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

I highly recommend this product. I love this sugar scrub, it is great to use on dry skin and smells terrific.

Gianna Thomas 253
Shelley Kyle Annabelle Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

I just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you so much for the amazing prompt service processing and sending my order. My wife loves your Annabelle line of products - which as a husband I forgot about when attempting to get her something wonderful for Christmas. Also as a husband I waited until almost the last minute - as husbands do. I ordered the Annabelle gift set early morning 12.22.2015 then later decided I wanted her to try the Annabelle sugar scrub which we have not tried before. So as husbands do, I had to go back and order again because I did not get everything the first time. That order was afternoon 12.22.2015... Both orders showed up at my house less than 24 hours later, perfect packaging, exactly what I had ordered. I just wanted to say thank you for helping a husband give his wife something she will love for Christmas and that I could not have done it without your help. Thank you so much for helping out a procrastinating husband and I hope you all have a great Christmas/New Years! As always you will be a business I know I can depend on for high quality products and amazing customer service - HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM COLORADO!

Shannon Funk 252
Shelley Kyle McClendon Royal Body Cream 300ml

I'm not kidding, within maybe 3 applications my hands were baby soft again. I came back to work and showed my coworkers and everyone had to touch my knuckles to believe it. And the effect really lasts! At the end of the night, my hands were still soft despite washing my hands all the time again.

Connie J. Hatfield 846
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 326g

Excellent product and transaction. Thank you.

Leslie Rodrigues 151
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