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Shelley Kyle McClendon Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

This stuff is AMAZING!!!!!! The texture isn't overly rough, and the scrub just glides right on. My skin is remarkably soft after using this -- hasn't felt like this since I was an infant! And hubby just loves the McClendon's fragrance. I'm convinced enough now with this brand to try the other scents as well.

Molly Oliver 756
Shelley Kyle Signature Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 326g

The fragrance of 'Shelley Kyle Signature Linen' really does take you far away... :) Unlike other powders I've tried so far.

Mic Dion 736
Shelley Kyle McClendon Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 326g

I bought the Shelley Kyle McClendon powder as well as the "Ballerine Parfum" for my girlfriend. She was impressed........

Ashley Ouellet 868
Shelley Kyle Sorella Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 326g

There are times when I want to keep secret behind the fragrance in me and my own only but of course I've got to share the glory.

Ethan Rourke 954
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

This sugar scrub does everything that it promises it will do! Not only does one's skin feel great after using the product, the subtle fragrance that lingers is perfect!

Ruth Durbin 65
Shelley Kyle Sorella Royal Body Cream 300ml

After bath your skin feels silky soft and it is also good for the feet.

Ricky Sean 896
Shelley Kyle Signature Hydrating Body Lotion 250ml

This Lotion is very good. Boutique gift idea for women

Daniel Robinson 683
Shelley Kyle McClendon Hydrating Body Lotion 250ml

My new Lotion. Great product, Very Creamy!!

Laura J. Figueroa 878
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Royal Body Cream 300ml

This seems to be a good cream for hydration. Its effects appear to last longer than some other branded creams.

Tina Mattew 116
Shelley Kyle McClendon Hydrating Body Lotion 250ml

I have sensitive skin that becomes extremely dry during cold weather months, so I have to use bath & body products with lots of added moisture. This product sounded ideal for my skin.

Deborah R. 877
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