What it is:

A paraben-free liquid hand soap that provides a gentle cleansing, while moisturizing and leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

What it does:

Our Sorella Liquid Hand Soap cleans your skin of dirt and other impurities, while leaving behind a scent combination you’re not soon to forget. Use it throughout the day for cleaner, softer, healthier-looking skin!

What it does NOT contain:



Creamy gardenia and heady tuberose meld with leafy green and sheer ethereal musk.

Customer Reviews
Reviews of Shelley Kyle Sorella Liquid Hand Soap 250ml

Liquid hand soap is as luxurious as the entire line is. I’m hooked on the Sorella ~Linen & Body Powder?


So happy to find that I can order this directly. Purchased the first time while I was on a trip and loved the feel and smell! It is also a great get well or house warming gift. Very elegant!


First purchased this hand soap at a cute shop in another city and loved it immediately. I’m not one for strong fragrances and Sorella is perfect…light and refreshing. The bottle is attractive and guests often asked where I purchased! So happy to find that I can order on line and will continue to do so.


Deliciously light and clean rose scent. Love this soap. Smells great…


I get terrible chapped hand in the winter time, but since I started using Sorella hand soap my hands are not chapping!


Great soap, smells really good, floral but not overpowering. Definitely will buy again!


I always feel clean when using this soap, without any residue. The scent is wonderful but not overpowering. I love this soap.


Love this soap just not very sudsy . Takes a little getting used to if you are used to the foaming hand soaps but smells great!

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