What it is:

A refreshing and light linen and body powder that can be used any time of the day to freshen, dry and smooth your skin.

What it does:

Our Lorelei Linen & Body Powder Talc-Free can be dusted over your body or sprinkled over your bed linens to helps absorb moisture and soften your skin, while leaving behind a refreshing fragrance that combines ten different scents.

What it does NOT contain:

Talcum powder


A refreshing medley of neroli flower and bergamot interwoven with bright lemon zest, water lily and smooth sandalwood.

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Customer Reviews
Reviews of Shelley Kyle Lorelei Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 575g

Love this product and love Shelly Kyle I was in brand-new customer a couple of weeks ago didn’t know what fragrance to order so she sent me samples of all of them Lorelei Annabella send me my favorite I did purchase the Noel candle and I’m getting the Noel fragrance spray they are fabulous also can’t speak highly enough they discontinued the fragrance from the product I used to use has linen powder so I am thrilled to have a product to replace it thank you thank you Shelly for being a great loving person on top of caring a terrific product God bless

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