What Our Customers Say
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Perfume 30ml

I love this scent. I've purchased it before, but at a store near me. But I also love that you sent samples of your other scents. Thank you for that.

Janet Skibinski 100
Shelley Kyle McClendon Perfume 60ml

This perfume had everything I was looking for, and made for a perfect gift.

Jennifer H. Davis 844
Shelley Kyle Annabelle Perfume 30ml

I LOVE this fragrance and get a lot of compliments when I wear it. I have a difficult time finding colognes that dont' change (usually for the worse!) on me. This one stays true to its scent. It's soft, fresh and feminine.

Catherine 227
Shelley Kyle Ballerine Perfume 30ml

The presentation and collection of products is very romantic and well represented! i love when you can access your

Esther 526
Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere Perfume 60ml

To me it is exactly what I had hoped for and what the name and bottle presume it to be.

Ethan 462
Shelley Kyle McClendon Perfume 30ml

My girl just loves this perfume.It was the best birthday gift ! great product

Margaret 870
Shelley Kyle Signature Perfume 60ml

It's fragrance is just amazing!! I am definitely going to recommend it to others.

Harry Paul 610
Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere Perfume 60ml

Lovely scent of the Victorian era like Pride and Predjudice.

Rose AnnHarbour 460
Shelley Kyle Sorella Perfume 60ml

Roses, Tuberose, Crushed Violet Leaves.... Perfect blend

Alumii 926
Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere Perfume 30ml

This scent is a perfect mix of a dewy amber with a tiny hint of floral underneath - there really are no words to describe how much I absolutely love the smell. It's the most unique scent I've ever encountered in all of my years collecting perfumes. I'll be a lifelong customer at Shelley Kyle!

MissySue Hanson 454
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