What Our Customers Say
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Perfume 30ml

Shelley Kyle fragrances are difficult to define and impossible to forget.

Vincey Perry 102
Shelley Kyle Signature Perfume 60ml

I adore this fresh, clean scent.People are always telling me I smell "so good"! Thanks Shelley Kyle

Alex Smith 613
Shelley Kyle Annabelle Perfume 30ml

If you like "clean" scents, this is the eau de perfume for you! Everyone compliments me on this unique scent. I can't find this in department stores--I originally bought it at a resort. It lasts a long time: I spray once in the morning and once more at night if I'm going out. The packaging and bottle are beautiful so it also makes a great gift. This is a modern blend.

Nana 228
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Perfume 30ml

I found that product is just as described. Very Happy to use it.

Caddie Walden 104
Shelley Kyle Signature Perfume 30ml

The fragrance is amazing!! I love it.

Daniel Christ 630
Shelley Kyle Annabelle Perfume 60ml

Possibly closer to a love than a like for this product -- not quite a love but better than like. Enjoy the scent and am fairly regularly complimented when I wear it.

Rhonda P. 275
Shelley Kyle Ballerine Perfume 30ml

I absolutely love this scent. I found it while looking for a soft, flowery scent to wear on my wedding day. I searched high and low, stumbled upon this company, and was so glad that I found a perfume that I could wear on that day and other special occasions.

KennaSalinas 524
Shelley Kyle Ballerine Perfume 30ml

I LOVE this fragrance and get a lot of compliments when I wear it.

Nila Maroc 525
Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere Perfume 60ml

I can't stop breathing it in when I've sprayed it. It smells expensive, there's no soapiness or stickiness.

Diana 461
Shelley Kyle Annabelle Perfume 60ml

The fragrance is so exquisite, I would not change it for any other perfume , I like the body lotion too

Linda Clark 274
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