What Our Customers Say
Shelley Kyle Signature Perfume 30ml

The fragrance is amazing!! I love it.

Daniel Christ 630
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Perfume 30ml

I have been wearing this scent for several years now and love it. I get compliments all the time. Not overpowering but noticeable. I think it smells like flowers and grapefruit mixed!

Lytane Parker 5400
Shelley Kyle McClendon Perfume 30ml

Wonderful product! Couldn't be more pleased. Smooth transaction. Fast shipping. Exactly as described. Will definitely be purchasing again very soon.

Mattie A. Prieto 874
Shelley Kyle McClendon Perfume 60ml

This perfume had everything I was looking for, and made for a perfect gift.

Jennifer H. Davis 844
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Perfume 30ml

My wedding day was April 2 and I wanted a light fragrance that was not overpowering as I would be very close to lots of people. I KNEW this was the best choice for my big day. I am usually allergic to perfumebut have used this one for a while now and it is wonderful!

Regina Culver 96
Shelley Kyle Ballerine Perfume 60ml

I may wear something skanky or amber-y a lot of the time, but I have a soft spot for these sort of pretty florals.

Smick 530
Shelley Kyle Annabelle Perfume 30ml

I LOVE this fragrance and get a lot of compliments when I wear it. I have a difficult time finding colognes that dont' change (usually for the worse!) on me. This one stays true to its scent. It's soft, fresh and feminine.

Catherine 227
Shelley Kyle Signature Perfume 30ml

I love the citrus scent in this perfume - very light for warmer days with a clean scent.

Janet Skibinski 626
Shelley Kyle Signature Perfume 30ml

I have worn Shelley Kyle Signature perfume for years and always enjoy the light citrus tones. I have some allergies and this perfume does not bother them. I receive compliments on the fragrance when I wear it. When I have the perfume on, I feel more "dressed".

Sheridan Porterfield 627
Shelley Kyle Annabelle Perfume 30ml

If you like "clean" scents, this is the eau de perfume for you! Everyone compliments me on this unique scent. I can't find this in department stores--I originally bought it at a resort. It lasts a long time: I spray once in the morning and once more at night if I'm going out. The packaging and bottle are beautiful so it also makes a great gift. This is a modern blend.

Nana 228
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