What Our Customers Say
Tiramani Candle 725g

The fragrance of the Tiramani candle is beautiful. Anyone who enjoys soft, lovely fragrance will truly appreciate this!

Ruth Ann Durbin 183
Tiramani Candle 725g

Bought it as a Christmas gift. Nice selection of candle scents.

Emma Belanger 186
Shelley Kyle McClendon Candle 725g

Very satisfied with the product. Especially useful to eliminate cooking orders in your home

Ranie Levesque 760
Tiramani Candle 725g

Tiramani is my favorite fragrance in Ms. Kyle's collection. Now I can have this wonderful fragrance in my home! It keeps me calm :] It's also a wonderful House Warming gift to give out to friends.

scarlett kirby 184
Ballerine Candle 725g

Love this candle. I am on my third one it's so fragrant and I really do feel like it mellows me out after a hard day.

Rosanne L. 594
Shelley Kyle McClendon Candle 725g

Great candle/pleasant smell. It is the type of candle that emits a smell throughout the room. Good burn time and quality product.

Alexis Robin 764
Annabelle Candle 725g

I purchased two boxes of these because I just burn through them so quickly. I love putting these all over the place for the ambiance.

Ani Moore 315
Ballerine Crystal Candle 510g

Before, I thought it was a waste of money, but now I feel it is a necessity...it totally makes the environment where you live in and gives the first impressions to guests coming to your house.

Marietta I. Jack 599
Tiramani Candle 725g

Yes very nice candle true to the quality.Not an over powering scent to it either

Isabella Morin 185
Tiramani Candle 725g

I love this scent and this candle! Five Stars

Emily Gagne 187
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