What Our Customers Say
Tiramani Crystal Candle 510g

love this candle. easy to light (ie: the wicks light up quickly). Fragrance fills the whole room and last and not over powering. great gift idea.

scarlett kirby 220
Signature Crystal Candle 510g

Smells great and burns clean!!! Burns out quick so get a big one

Christina J. Watson 678
Sorella Crystal Candle 510g

Treat yourself or give it away as a great gift!

Vilma Joseph 882
Annabelle Crystal Candle 510g

The item is exactly as described. No surprises here. The smell is heavenly...

Ruben V. Walsh 301
Sorella Crystal Candle 510g

Candle and scent as expected, as I have had many before.

Carol 883
Tiramani Crystal Candle 510g

They are lovely. I lit them with electric flickering lights and they look beautiful

Chloe Diaz 221
Shelley Kyle McClendon Crystal Candle 510g

Is really relaxing to your senses! Great aroma, love it. Candle is very nice..

Aiden Martin 789
Annabelle Crystal Candle 510g

Probably my favorite candle smell. Great for autumn and winter, although I also burned this during the spring and summer and love it!

Sally R. Husband 299
Signature Crystal Candle 510g

I bought two of these and gave one to my sister. She loves the fact that even when the candle isn't lit it smells great.

Carol W. Vasquez 676
Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere Crystal Candle 510g

Smells soooo good! It's hard to find candles that smell when you light them, but this one makes your room smell like a spa! Very nice!

Deirdre 378
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