What Our Customers Say
Shelley Kyle McClendon Candle 725g

Very satisfied with the product. Especially useful to eliminate cooking orders in your home

Ranie Levesque 760
Tiramani Candle 725g

Bought it as a Christmas gift. Nice selection of candle scents.

Emma Belanger 186
Ballerine Crystal Candle 510g

One of the most relaxing and sleep aid candles on the market. Great for meditation

Arlin costa 595
Tiramani Crystal Candle 510g

Love the scent!!!! Amazing Candle

Abigail Mendonza 224
Sorella Crystal Candle 510g

Would be a great Christmas or birthday present for anyone.

Kinney Moore 880
De Ma Mere Candle 725g

Gave to a friend as a gift and she really appreciates it.

Alyce 420
Ballerine Candle 725g

Absolutely love this candle, it's by far my favorite so far. It also carries the smell threw out my kitchen witch is not an easy task, but this candle does it like a champ!

Marva H. Thomas 590
Signature Crystal Candle 510g

I bought two of these and gave one to my sister. She loves the fact that even when the candle isn't lit it smells great.

Carol W. Vasquez 676
Annabelle Candle 725g

I am so tired of buying candles from larger companies with little or no scent. I am putting a large size one on my wish list.

Jasmine Margate 316
Sorella Candle 725g

Subtle fragrance and very clean. We paired this with a warming lamp.....

Liliane McCullum 933
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