What Our Customers Say
Tiramani Candle 725g

Tiramani is my favorite fragrance in Ms. Kyle's collection. Now I can have this wonderful fragrance in my home! It keeps me calm :] It's also a wonderful House Warming gift to give out to friends.

scarlett kirby 184
Shelley Kyle McClendon Candle 725g

Very nice scent... Love the smell but to pricey.

Stephanie Keith 763
Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere Crystal Candle 510g

Best relaxing, calming scent ever!

Gena Christopher 377
Shelley Kyle McClendon Crystal Candle 510g

This candle got me laid girls love this s*** !!! Definitely buy more

Alyce Blais 788
Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere Crystal Candle 510g

Wonderful scent, natural and fresh. Would recommend. Love it..

Katelyn 374
Annabelle Crystal Candle 510g

The item is exactly as described. No surprises here. The smell is heavenly...

Ruben V. Walsh 301
Ballerine Crystal Candle 510g

One of the most relaxing and sleep aid candles on the market. Great for meditation

Arlin costa 595
Sorella Crystal Candle 510g

Some of my most favorite candles and it arrived promptly. Would definitely reorder!

Lily Simard 884
Shelley Kyle McClendon Crystal Candle 510g

Is really relaxing to your senses! Great aroma, love it. Candle is very nice..

Aiden Martin 789
Annabelle Candle 725g

I am so tired of buying candles from larger companies with little or no scent. I am putting a large size one on my wish list.

Jasmine Margate 316
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