What Our Customers Say
Ballerine Candle 725g

Absolutely love this candle, it's by far my favorite so far. It also carries the smell threw out my kitchen witch is not an easy task, but this candle does it like a champ!

Marva H. Thomas 590
Sorella Candle 725g

Nice smell...great candle

Ashley Ouellet 931
Signature Crystal Candle 510g

Smells great and burns clean!!! Burns out quick so get a big one

Christina J. Watson 678
Sorella Crystal Candle 510g

Candle and scent as expected, as I have had many before.

Carol 883
Annabelle Candle 725g

Great price and arrived in good condition! Luv them!!

Carrie Max 317
Sorella Crystal Candle 510g

Some of my most favorite candles and it arrived promptly. Would definitely reorder!

Lily Simard 884
Annabelle Crystal Candle 510g

Very well made and even lit candles, love these Candles.

Patricia J. Hackett 302
Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere Crystal Candle 510g

Smells soooo good! It's hard to find candles that smell when you light them, but this one makes your room smell like a spa! Very nice!

Deirdre 378
Shelley Kyle McClendon Crystal Candle 510g

Is really relaxing to your senses! Great aroma, love it. Candle is very nice..

Aiden Martin 789
Sorella Candle 725g

Subtle fragrance and very clean. We paired this with a warming lamp.....

Liliane McCullum 933
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