What Our Customers Say
De Ma Mere Candle 725g

Very refreshing and soothing scent. I like burn it during my study sessions to shake off the unconsciously built pressures.

Elvia Kate 421
Tiramani Candle 725g

I love this scent and this candle! Five Stars

Emily Gagne 187
Sorella Crystal Candle 510g

Candle and scent as expected, as I have had many before.

Carol 883
Sorella Candle 725g

I ordered this as part of my daughter's Christmas gift and I think she will like this stress reducer scent.

Joshua John 932
Tiramani Crystal Candle 510g

Love these candles!!! They were just what I was looking for, They illuminate wonderfully! Beautiful design!!! Recommend!

Olivia Tilde 223
Sorella Candle 725g

Nice smell...great candle

Ashley Ouellet 931
Ballerine Crystal Candle 510g

One of the most relaxing and sleep aid candles on the market. Great for meditation

Arlin costa 595
Annabelle Crystal Candle 510g

Probably my favorite candle smell. Great for autumn and winter, although I also burned this during the spring and summer and love it!

Sally R. Husband 299
Shelley Kyle McClendon Candle 725g

This is the best Christmas-smelling candle ever. It really smells like a Christmas tree (with notes of McClendon Grapefruit candle).

Brooklyn Diaz 762
Shelley Kyle McClendon Crystal Candle 510g

It's the only orchard scented candle that doesn't make me gag. Long burning and smell nice and not to strong.

Landon Demers 787
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