What Our Customers Say
Ballerine Crystal Candle 510g

I moved into this apt where it had a funky smell. Once I burnt the candle, few hours later the funky smell was gone.

Marci 597
Tiramani Crystal Candle 510g

Love these candles!!! They were just what I was looking for, They illuminate wonderfully! Beautiful design!!! Recommend!

Olivia Tilde 223
Signature Crystal Candle 510g

Nice strong cardboard box with directions. Sent is nice.

Brenda O. Cantrell 677
Annabelle Crystal Candle 510g

The item is exactly as described. No surprises here. The smell is heavenly...

Ruben V. Walsh 301
Signature Crystal Candle 510g

I really love the scent of this candle, very relaxing. Good, but not much life. 20hrs candle life

Laurie L. Nagle 680
Shelley Kyle McClendon Crystal Candle 510g

It's the only orchard scented candle that doesn't make me gag. Long burning and smell nice and not to strong.

Landon Demers 787
Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere Crystal Candle 510g

Wonderful scent, natural and fresh. Would recommend. Love it..

Katelyn 374
Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere Crystal Candle 510g

Smells soooo good! It's hard to find candles that smell when you light them, but this one makes your room smell like a spa! Very nice!

Deirdre 378
Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere Crystal Candle 510g

It is really stress relieving. I always light it after workouts.

Briana 376
Annabelle Crystal Candle 510g

Probably my favorite candle smell. Great for autumn and winter, although I also burned this during the spring and summer and love it!

Sally R. Husband 299
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