What it is:

A luxurious floral-scented perfume that awakens your senses and leaves a feeling of a fresh spring day on your skin.

What it does:

The Annabelle Perfume captivates your senses with a unique blend of floral fragrances that are reminiscent of a beautiful day in the spring. It’s perfect for any time you want a light, yet fun scent that lasts all day long.


A scent that surprises us with simplicity, femininity and an independent spirit. Annabelle is reminiscent of tender innocence. Refreshing and clean notes of honeysuckle, pamplemousse and lily of the valley combine with the slightly spice and powder of blue peony, the feminine notes of tuberose and the earthy sweetness of lime.

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Customer Reviews
Reviews of Shelley Kyle Annabelle Perfume 30ml

Well delivered, as promised, the real thing.


I LOVE this fragrance and get a lot of compliments when I wear it. I have a difficult time finding colognes that dont’ change (usually for the worse!) on me. This one stays true to its scent. It’s soft, fresh and feminine.


If you like “clean” scents, this is the eau de perfume for you! Everyone compliments me on this unique scent. I can’t find this in department stores–I originally bought it at a resort. It lasts a long time: I spray once in the morning and once more at night if I’m going out. The packaging and bottle are beautiful so it also makes a great gift. This is a modern blend.


I adore this fresh, clean scent. People are always telling me I smell “so good”! I have the body lotion, powder ( nice for nighttime before bed), hand soap and body wash. The body wash is my least favorite, doesn’t last very long. Try it and you’ll be hooked;-)


Smells Great! Really fresh and clean smelling, and it lasts for hours. It is flowery but not overpoweringly so. I love it!

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