Shimmer Powder Talc Free Gift Box Set 100G/4oz


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Shelley Kyle Tiramani Shimmer Powder Talc Free Gift Box Set 100G/4oz

If you’ve been searching for a healthier way to keep your skin dry and soft, look no further than our Tiramani Shimmer Body Powder Talc-Free with Baby Puff! Made without the use of talcum powder, it works to keep your skin dry, smooth and looking healthy. Plus, it’ll leave a linger scent combination that includes blood orange, cashmere musk, Madonna lily, night-blooming jasmine and white nectarine.

Customer Reviews
Reviews of Shelley Kyle Tiramani Shimmer Powder Talc Free Gift Box Set 100G/4oz

I was hesitant to order this because of the ‘shimmer’, but want a small size, and the small puff that comes with the gift set, for travel. So, happy to say that it does not make me sparkle, and the scent is perfect for the tropics


I love this powder! I had bought it in a boutique on a vacation several years ago and I am so glad I ordered it online! Great service and just as wonderful as I remembered it!
Thank you!


I did not know there was a bath powder available in my favorite fragrance and it comes with a lovely puff. The metal container will make the powder easy to take on trips.


We gave this as a Valentine’s gift to my Mother-In-Law. She absolutely loves it and wants more! The powder is so silky and fresh!


Love the silky feel & finish of this powder. Exactly what I was looking for..Perfect…


I have a friend who only wears the expensive stuff and she gave it a try and loved it! I would like to mention that the case closes firmly so there is no chance of an accidental spill.


Usually I have to spend WAY more money on make-up to get my face to look this good! Adding this powder to my existing make up routine really gave my face that extra something I was looking for.


I have had sooo many compliments on my skin since using this. The shimmer is very light and the color is sheer so it creates the perfect effect for a beautiful complexion. Is a must for my daily beauty regime.


Have fair skin and still works for me. Better than the white.

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