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Shelley Kyle Signature Double Soap Pack

It's a huge bar, soft fragrance, non irritating to skin and lasts forever. It stays in one piece til the end, doesn't melt or break.

Jeff N. Speegle 688
Shelley Kyle McClendon Royal Body Cream 300ml

This moisturizer is very comfortable to wear, doesn't sting at all and has even seemed to make my skin less red.

Melly R. Haddad 850
Shelley Kyle McClendon Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

I have never used a body scrub before, however I am sure I will in the future. My legs felt so smooth and my lotion went on so smoothly. A real winner.

Madelyn Parker 759
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Royal Body Cream 300ml

This seems to be a good cream for hydration. Its effects appear to last longer than some other branded creams.

Tina Mattew 116
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Royal Body Cream 300ml

The marigold is what will win you over in this one. Reminds me of the best smelling wedding bouquet or floral table arrangement that you just keep going back to for one more whiff.

Allison Carter 107
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

This body scrub is perfect, I will definitely be purchasing again!

Claudine Alvin 70
Shelley Kyle Signature Royal Body Cream 300ml

I use it every morning, anytime during the day and before bed. Even my young daughters love the smell.

Neva J. Halsted 650
Shelley Kyle Signature Foaming Bath Gel 250ml

I love this product from Shelley Kyle. The scent makes me want to stay in the bath tub for much longer than I should. A little goes a long way. For anyone wanting "a take me away" moment, try their products. You won't be sorry.

Charlotte John 734
Shelley Kyle Signature Royal Body Cream 300ml

I'm a cocktail server in a casino with dry recycled air, constantly washing my hands, in the winter. My hands looked like alligator skin! My knuckles were cracking and bleeding by the end of my work week, my nails were peeling and it was just ugly. I got this product and use it on my face and hands.

Freddy E. Richards 652
Shelley Kyle Signature Royal Body Cream 300ml

It is wonderful and thick, It really soothes dry, damaged skin.

Diana S. 653
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