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Shelley Kyle Tiramani Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

One of my favorites and I've used many that are more expensive. Great smell, also. I've tried the Shelley Kyle Signature products and like that smell also but Tiramani is my favorite.

Ellie Grayson 67
Shelley Kyle Sorella Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

Makes the skin feel amaaaaaazing!!! It seriously does. My husband uses it before shave too just to sloth off any dead skin for a better shave. Smells fantastic.

Jade Asher 911
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Royal Body Cream 300ml

This cream is very comfortable to wear, doesn't sting at all and has even seemed to make my skin flawless.

Lisa Dennis 114
Shelley Kyle Signature Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

Most scrubs I have tried that have tons of oils in them, are far too greasy and leave me feeling very unclean and gross. This is not at all like that! I feel silky smooth and not greasy at all, just moisturized enough I do not need a lotion. I only used this on my body and not my face. That's what I wanted this for.

Anna Tyler 743
Shelley Kyle Signature Royal Body Cream 300ml

It is wonderful and thick, It really soothes dry, damaged skin.

Diana S. 653
Shelley Kyle Sorella French Milled Soap 150g

This soap is so refreshing!! The smell of roses fills my bathroom

Charlotte Campbell 936
Shelley Kyle Signature Double Soap Pack

I love this fragrance! It is nicely subtle when you use either the foaming bath cleanser or the bar soap. The bar soap is creamy and goes a long way...very nice milled soap that won't melt away too quickly.

JudySmith 686
Shelley Kyle Signature Royal Body Cream 300ml

I think this must be the best body cream. It has everything I want in a body cream, smells great leaves your skin feeling ever so great. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Shipping was no problem.

Richie 651
Shelley Kyle Sorella Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 326g

There are times when I want to keep secret behind the fragrance in me and my own only but of course I've got to share the glory.

Ethan Rourke 954
Shelley Kyle Signature Foaming Bath Gel 250ml

I love this product from Shelley Kyle. The scent makes me want to stay in the bath tub for much longer than I should. A little goes a long way. For anyone wanting "a take me away" moment, try their products. You won't be sorry.

Charlotte John 734
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