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Shelley Kyle Sorella French Milled Soap 150g

This soap is so refreshing!! The smell of roses fills my bathroom

Charlotte Campbell 936
Shelley Kyle Signature Double Soap Pack

It's a huge bar, soft fragrance, non irritating to skin and lasts forever. It stays in one piece til the end, doesn't melt or break.

Jeff N. Speegle 688
Shelley Kyle Signature Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 326g

Have used this for years. Would not change a thug. Love the scent. Will always be my favorite.

Andy Therrien 735
Shelley Kyle Signature French Milled Soap 150g

The soap is wonderful, does not dry my skin and smells nice.

Derrine 638
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Foaming Bath Gel 250ml

I would recommend it especially for households with several people. I also keep it in our vacation home for our guests who always comment on the fresh smell.

Hallie Dexter 178
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Royal Body Cream 300ml

I've battled severe acne since a teen, and after trying an ungodly amount of skin care products to correct this, finally I used Tiramani Royal cream.The simplicity and efficacy of this cream was remarkable, having tried all sorts of combinations of cleansers, toners, serums, etc that well exceeded a hundred dollars a month.

Josell bertran 112
Shelley Kyle Signature Royal Body Cream 300ml

Excellent product. Excellent service!!

Martha 654
Shelley Kyle Sorella Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 326g

Love this product. It mantains a nice scent in my internal clothes.

Emma Belanger 951
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 326g

I love this powder. It smells so lovely. I use it all the time. On my body, my bed sheets, and I just think it's the best.

Rosalie Richards 147
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 326g

I recommend you should try this one it is a special blend. Great service as well..Thanks!

Donna Baker 154
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