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Shelley Kyle Signature Royal Body Cream 300ml

I'm a cocktail server in a casino with dry recycled air, constantly washing my hands, in the winter. My hands looked like alligator skin! My knuckles were cracking and bleeding by the end of my work week, my nails were peeling and it was just ugly. I got this product and use it on my face and hands.

Freddy E. Richards 652
Shelley Kyle Tiramani French Milled Soap 150g

It has a lovely (but strong) musk grain and floral scent. The soap itself has exfoliating qualities and does not disintegrate quickly when wet! I recommend it!

Donna Jones 118
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

This really has been helpful with my dry skin. I can then moisturize my skin and I do not look so flaky.

Lydia Max 68
Shelley Kyle Sorella Sugar Body Scrub 300ml

Makes the skin feel amaaaaaazing!!! It seriously does. My husband uses it before shave too just to sloth off any dead skin for a better shave. Smells fantastic.

Jade Asher 911
Shelley Kyle Signature Double Soap Pack

I love this fragrance! It is nicely subtle when you use either the foaming bath cleanser or the bar soap. The bar soap is creamy and goes a long way...very nice milled soap that won't melt away too quickly.

JudySmith 686
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Double Soap Pack

I am very particular when it comes to the soap I use. I bought this as an extra soap to keep at my boyfriend's house since I didn't want to have to use his Dove's mens wash

Cathy Rolland 192
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Royal Body Cream 300ml

The marigold is what will win you over in this one. Reminds me of the best smelling wedding bouquet or floral table arrangement that you just keep going back to for one more whiff.

Allison Carter 107
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 326g

The powder smells as beautiful as the perfume. Great purchase.

Lisa Edwards 153
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Foaming Bath Gel 250ml

It has a wonderful smell that reminds me of autumn. It works great as a cleanser and leaves you smelling fresh. It is gentle on the skin and foams up nicely. I highly recommend it.

Caroline Tristan 179
Shelley Kyle Signature French Milled Soap 150g

This soap is absolutely luscious! The bar is huge, you may consider cutting it in half before you even use it. I'm a repeat buyer and highly recommend it.

Christy D. Probst 635
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