What it is:

A living parfum and room spray that is made with natural ingredients for a healthier way to freshen your home or office.

What it does:

Our De Ma Mere A Living Parfum/Room Spray is great for personal use or as a room refresher. Made with fragrance oils of acacia, amber, beeswax and linden blossom, it provides the perfect scent combination for any occasion.

What it does NOT contain:



The mother that cares for us. She takes her time to ensure that all is right in her world without ever neglecting herself. The De Ma Mare woman knows that her value is high and she brings it out in her caring for those around her. With warm amber, linden blossom, acacia and beeswax, this fresh scent starts your day by waking up the senses and gradually warms as the day goes on.

Customer Reviews
Reviews of Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere A Living Parfum / Room Spray 100ml

I love spraying this all over my room. It smells so fresh… It makes me want to stay in bed and just relax.


This smells good and it lasts long. A bottle will last long since I only need a couple of spritz every time.


At first, I gave this 4 stars because I didn’t think the smell lasted long, but now I’ve noticed that after more use, it is lasting.


This stuff is fantastic. It isn’t sweet or floral, just light and fresh. I have very sensitive noses in my house, and everyone likes this scent. It really does freshen nicely, without being overwhelming.


This has a clean and refreshing scent that’s easy on the nose.

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