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Discovery Kit

I bought a Discovery Kit for my daughters as stocking stuffers for Christmas. I thought surely there was some mistake in the price, but you really do get all this just as you see it. The candle is larger than i expected it to be and I think the baby puff will fit in it once the candle has been used up, so I told the girls to choose their favorite scent and I will order the Shimmer Powder and Baby Puff set for them as a follow up gift. One of them has already chosen her favorite scent from the samples and her set is on the way! I will be ordering these as gifts in the future for sure! It is a great way to experience both the scents and the feel of the product. The body cream feels so luxurious!

Ruth 7703
Discovery Kit

This is a must to introduce yourself to the scents that they offer. It is a generous offering and the best part (for me) is that the containers are pretty and reusable.

weng 8793
Discovery Kit

I love the Tiramani perfume and have wanted to try other scents offered by Shelley Kyle, so I was excited to see the Discovery Kit. The Discovery Kit arrived today and I am amazed by the amount of products you receive. I am looking forward to trying all of the sugar scrubs and royal cremes. The candle is in a beautiful crystal container with a top that I will continue to use when the candle is gone. What a wonderful way to sample the scents!

Joan 10006
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