Body and Linen Powder Talc Free Gift Set with Large Puff and Crystal Dish


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Subtle and fresh, our scent starts your day with grace and serenity. Gentle Rose offers calm along with the earthy green sweetness of Lily of the Valley. While the feminity of Dewey Jasmine combines beautifully with the rich sensuality of Sea Blue Amber.

Customer Reviews
Reviews of Shelley Kyle Ballerine Body and Linen Powder Talc Free Gift Set with Large Puff and Crystal Dish

I ordered the powder puff from Shelley Kyle as it was the closest to what I had years ago and loved. It’s perfect and even nicer than I remembered. Not only is the puff soft and fluffy but I ordered the powder and was so pleasantly surprised as how silky and luxurious it feels. The scent is so mild that it won’t fight with any other scents you wear. I’m sold and can tell I will be a customer for life.


An amazing smell, sharp as citrus fruit, the stampeding scent of life breathes all around.I love it..


I am very happy with this powder and case! I actually bought for just the perfect size powder container and the puff I figured I would just dump the powder and replace with mine but it didn’t happen the powder is lovely…


Smells great and does not go all over the place and get into the air. Will be back for more.


Lovely addition to the bathing routine. keeps dry and smells beautiful. Attractive container to leave on counter in bathroom all the time.


I was very happy with this product when I used it. The crystal container and a large puff obviously contained the cost allowing a big price.

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