A customer favorite, our Linen and Body Powder in a convenient small size to help keep you fresh on the go. Perfect for your weekend getaway or for use throughout the day.

What it is:

A talcum-free, Lightweight Linen and Body Powder that helps maintain softness while providing a fragrance-filled way to refresh yourself throughout the day. Whether used on your skin or sprinkled on your bed linens in the evening, our Linen and Body Powder delivers a silky step in pampering yourself.

What it does:

The Tiramani Linen and Body Powder leaves you feeling dry and refreshed all day long. Formulated to be free of talcum powder, it helps to keep your skin feeling soft, silky and dry, while leaving behind subtle notes of unique fragrance combinations.

What it does NOT contain:

Talcum powder


Sweet and sharp with the citrusy tang of blood orange and white nectarine, smooth blooms of lily, night jasmine and calming cashmere musk, this scent will wake your senses while calming down to a pleasant finish. Glorious on the skin and appeals to both young and the young at heart.

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