Crystal Candle 510g

Create ambiance in any room with our beautiful new fragrant Crystal Candle. Using a proprietary paraffin blend, our long burning wax is infused with essential oils and fragrance that refresh your home with unique scent combinations.How long do the Candles burn? Approximate burn time is 140 hours for large Crystal Candle. 20 hours for Petite Crystal Candle and 72 hours for Noel Blanc Holiday Candle. And lastly, our large 3 wick candle burns 172 hours. What type of wax is used for the Candle Collection? We use a proprietary paraffin wax blend that includes natural vegetable wax What kind of wick do you use? We use an all-cotton wick. The candle will burn more efficiently if the wick is trimmed to ¼" after each use. Do not allow the trimmings to amass in the candle. My candle seems to be "sweating," is this normal? Sweating is completely natural when a candle is in extreme temperatures (Hot or Cold). It will still burn cleanly. My candle is not a pure white color, but has a yellow hue to it. Is this ok? Yes, a few of our candle scents come in variations of white due to the type of fragrance oil being used. My candle has gotten dusty from non-use. How can I safely clean it? For best results, dampen a soft cloth with water and simply wipe the top. This will clean the top of the candle safely. Do NOT use any alcohol-based or flammable liquid.

Green, White Floral

Gardenia, Tuberose

Floral, Musk


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What it is:
Our new favorite Crystal Candle, this clean burning candle contains high-levels of essential oils and fragrance. Hand poured into a beautiful re-usable Crystal Vessel. 510g/18oz.

What it does:

Using a proprietary paraffin wax blend that includes natural vegetable wax and soy, our Crystal Candle burns cleanly and brightly, refreshing your home with unique scent combinations. Candle offers approximately 140 hours of burn time.


Customer Reviews
Reviews of Sorella Crystal Candle 510g

Would be a great Christmas or birthday present for anyone.


I initially bought this product as a gift. The candle smelled so good and was so relaxing that I decided to buy one for myself.


Treat yourself or give it away as a great gift!


Candle and scent as expected, as I have had many before.


Some of my most favorite candles and it arrived promptly. Would definitely reorder!

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