What it is:

A simple living parfum and room spray that combines fragrance oils of dewey jasmine, gentle rose, lily of the valley and sea blue amber to deliver our popular Ballerine scent.

What it does:

The Ballerine A Living Parfum/Room Spray not only awakens and seduces your senses, but freshens your surroundings, leaving a subtle yet luxurious fragrance that is reminiscent of happy and stress-free times.


Subtle and fresh, our scent starts your day with grace and serenity. Gentle Rose offers calm along with the earthy green sweetness of Lily of the Valley. While the feminity of Dewey Jasmine combines beautifully with the rich sensuality of Sea Blue Amber.

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Customer Reviews
Reviews of Shelley Kyle Ballerine A Living Parfum / Room Spray 100ml

Smells good and keeps me from cleaning my jeans too often! I use this when my jeans start to smell funky and I don’t want to wash them because it really fades the color.


My wife loves this stuff and whenever she has her girl friends over, they always comment on the lovely scent.


Love the scent! If you’re on edge about the price, know that it’s a pretty big bottle. It lasted quite a few months.


Light air freshener, especially for the bathroom. Not overpowering for too sweet.


This spray smells as good as I anticipated.

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