What it is:

A refreshing, clean, and fragrant foaming bath gel that is formulated without parabens. Our product supports an optimal level of moisture while helping to keep your skin soft, supple, and healthy-looking all day long.

What it does:

At Shelley Kyle, we choose ingredients that help nourish your skin and keep it hydrated and healthy-looking. Ingredients in our De Ma Mere Foaming Bath Gel include natural shea butter crème, aloe, green tea extract, calendula, acai berry extract, vitamin E, and sunflower seed oil.

What it does NOT contain:



The mother that cares for us. She takes her time to ensure that all is right in her world without ever neglecting herself. The De Ma Mare woman knows that her value is high and she brings it out in her caring for those around her. With warm amber, linden blossom, acacia and beeswax, this fresh scent starts your day by waking up the senses and gradually warms as the day goes on.

Customer Reviews
Reviews of Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere Foaming Bath Gel 250ml

Smells great and makes your skin feel soft and cleansed after use. Love this De ma mere Bath Gel…


There’s not much else to say here but chances are you’ll be satisfied with this product after use.


Love the smell of this! This is my 3rd bottle…still love the clean scent. Wonderful!!


The BEST body wash ever!! This is my favorite Shelley Kyle fragrance and will remain forever..


I gifted this product to my Mom by it’s inspiring name “De ma mere” and she loved this Bath Gel like anything.. She has stopped using her typical soap and switched over to this Body wash.

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