What it is:

A talcum-free, lightweight body and linen powder that helps maintain softness while providing a fragrance-filled way to refresh yourself throughout the day.

What it does:

The Annabelle Linen & Body Powder Talc-Free leaves you feeling dry and refreshed all day long. Formulated to be free of talcum powder, it helps keep your skin feeling silky and dry, while leaving behind subtle notes of a unique combination of fragrances that include blue peony, lime blossom and others.

What it does NOT contain:

Talcum powder


A scent that surprises us with simplicity, femininity and an independent spirit. Annabelle is reminiscent of tender innocence. Refreshing and clean notes of honeysuckle, pamplemousse and lily of the valley combine with the slightly spice and powder of blue peony, the feminine notes of tuberose and the earthy sweetness of lime.

Customer Reviews
Reviews of Shelley Kyle Annabelle Linen And Body Powder Talc Free 326g

Totally addictive!! feminine, lovely and with a beautiful fragrance


Very pretty Annabelle Linen fragrance in a quality powder, very feminine in a world where more femininity is appreciated.


This is a must have, I love the fragrance. It is wonderful and it last all day and night.


Love the smell, and it’s my husbands favorite.


The product packaging was great, and I was ecstatic that my girlfriend loved both the powder.

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