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About Shelley Kyle

Born and raised on family land in Tennesee, Shelley Kyle learned the value of strong family bonds from her first barefoot steps on her grandmother’s farm. The female spirit was alive and well, commandeering the home and comforting children. No wilting flowers were the women of the Kyle homestead- rather they set the pace and mood of the home. Shelley spent summers carefree and independent, exploring brooks and trails, climbing trees and swinging high against the sunset. She knew the beauty of the earth was part of who she was and she would carry it with her no matter which city she landed in.

As strong as Scarlett with a similar flair for conquering tough situations, Shelley approaches her business with passion- she works to live the life she destines versus succumbing to the whims of the world.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Shelley Kyle Collection is made locally with all products sustainably sourced in the U.S.A. Using fine oils and essences, Shelley crafts her fragrances to suit every woman- from her nieces in college to her mother and grandmother.

After overcoming a personal struggle, Shelley used the down moments to propel her to the next stage. She discovered dance and as it fueled her inner spirit, she chose to pursue a business that allowed her to express herself in all areas. By creating and crafting unique fragrances, Shelley is able to draw on her Southern roots while fueling her passion for dance. By taking her business nationwide and drawing media attention, Shelley Kyle fragrances have given her the ability to pursue dance as an outlet for spiritual growth and rely on herself as a growing female business owner.

Dance as inspiration…

Shelley Kyle knows how powerful dance is as a creative expression. Her approach to the business of her fragrance line is to fuel her ability to dance. She knows dance isn’t perfect and that is part of it’s beauty. By crafting beautiful fragrances for the home and body, Shelley is able to combine passions that complement each other.

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