Create ambiance in any room with our beautiful large 3-Wick Candle. Using a proprietary paraffin blend, our long burning wax is infused with essential oils and fragrance that refresh your home with unique scent combinations.

What it is:
This hand-poured, clean burning candle containing high-levels of essential oils and fragrance. 725g/26oz of which you will enjoy every moment.

What it does:

Using a proprietary paraffin wax blend that includes natural vegetable wax and soy, our Candle burns cleanly and brightly, refreshing your home with unique scent combinations. Candle offers approximately 172 hours of burn time.


Sweet and sharp with the citrusy tang of blood orange and white nectarine, smooth blooms of lily, night jasmine and calming cashmere musk, this scent will wake your senses while calming down to a pleasant finish. Glorious on the skin and appeals to both young and the young at heart.

Customer Reviews
Reviews of Tiramani Candle 725g

The fragrance of the Tiramani candle is beautiful. Anyone who enjoys soft, lovely fragrance will truly appreciate this!


Tiramani is my favorite fragrance in Ms. Kyle’s collection. Now I can have this wonderful fragrance in my home! It keeps me calm :] It’s also a wonderful House Warming gift to give out to friends.


Yes very nice candle true to the quality.Not an over powering scent to it either


Bought it as a Christmas gift. Nice selection of candle scents.


I love this scent and this candle! Five Stars


Perfect for the holiday season. As with all Tiramani candles, there is no waxy or artificial smell, and the candle lasts forever.


This size candle packs a lot of punch! The Jasmine scent is wonderful and has a nice “throw”.

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