Create ambiance in any room with our beautiful large 3-Wick Candle. Using a proprietary paraffin blend, our long burning wax is infused with essential oils and fragrance that refresh your home with unique scent combinations.

What it is:
This hand-poured, clean burning candle containing high-levels of essential oils and fragrance. 725g/26oz of which you will enjoy every moment.

What it does:

Using a proprietary paraffin wax blend that includes natural vegetable wax and soy, our Candle burns cleanly and brightly, refreshing your home with unique scent combinations. Candle offers approximately 172 hours of burn time.

ABOUT THE Shelley Kyle Signature COLLECTION

Radiant citruses of lemon, mandarin and grapefruit swirl with flowering orange blossom and white musk.

Customer Reviews
Reviews of Signature Candle 725g

Shelley Kyle’s candles are my absolute favorite! I get complements all the time on how wonderful my house smells. All thanks to all my favorite Shelley Kyle candles!!


I love soy candles. They are the only ones I will purchase anymore. Shelley Kyle Signature was great the scent strong yet not overbearing. The shipping was quick and I received it fast.


I initially thought that the price was somewhat high, but after you see how long it burns and how wonderful it smells, the price is fair and worth every ‘scent’! 🙂


My family and I have allergies and some candles are too perfumy for us to even have as decorations but this one is absolutely PERFECT!


This is absolutely THE BEST candle that I’ve ever had!! It burns for a long time, smells just wonderful…


These smell great. I have one in each bedroom and then one in the bathroom.

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