What Our Customers Say
Shelley Kyle Ballerine Double Soap Pack

I love the smell of these soaps. It perfumes my bathroom very softly and pleasently.

Elina 499
Shelley Kyle Sorella Double Soap Pack

I have adored these scented bars for a long time. Sorella is a repeat order from this company as well as their Tiramani soaps.

Patricia Fernandez 909
Shelley Kyle Signature Double Soap Pack

Heavenly! A big big bar of soap that will last me a long time! LOVE the lemon and violets. I am a soap connoisseur and I absolutely love this one! I will buy more!

Davina 690
Shelley Kyle Ballerine Double Soap Pack

French milled soap is famous and almost a necessity for someone with sensitive skin. I could not find French milled soap anywhere between San Francisco and San Jose so I tried Shelley Kyle.

Dabrie Hughes 501
Shelley Kyle Ballerine Double Soap Pack

I've been using this soap for several years, but it was a gift to me originally. I have sensitive skin and it never causes any reaction either. Love this soap!

Samira Butler 500
Shelley Kyle De Ma Mere French Milled Soap 150g

How many times have you picked up your soap from its dish only to find a messy blob? That will never happen with this soap! Highly recommended.

Jenifer Katt 413
Shelley Kyle Ballerine French Milled Soap 150g

This is a great bar of soap and we love it. It smells lovely and in our small guest bathroom it fills the room with the fragrance of the soap, subtle but delicious.

Antra Hawke 601
Shelley Kyle Tiramani French Milled Soap 150g

It has a lovely (but strong) musk grain and floral scent. The soap itself has exfoliating qualities and does not disintegrate quickly when wet! I recommend it!

Donna Jones 118
Shelley Kyle McClendon French Milled Soap 150g

I love French milled soap - it is the only kind I use for my face and body. Unlike many other soaps that sometimes give me a rash, these rinse off completely - no rash. And they smell lovely. Worth the extra money.

Jacey 816
Shelley Kyle Tiramani Double Soap Pack

The scent is very nice. It seems to be lasting along time. I think the cost is too much for what you get.

Allisha George 193
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